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Hey I'm back from a long time away from my blog, but I'm back now with more of what I and supposebly all of you like as well. I'm a Scorpio by all means possible. Proud parent. Taken by my beautiful wife. Always looking for friends around the Sacramento Ca area. If you want to have thousands of people see you submit me your pics

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Instagram: linoge71206

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We’re back, with vindictive and intriguing Scorpio!

This is Scorpio, in a twelve part series exploring female zodiac personality traits.

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The series explores the lives of twelve different girls,their differences are marked by their zodiac signs.They are each faced with a break up. Each episode presents a similar scenario.The difference is in how each character reacts to the situation.Their reactions are based on the stereotypical zodiac traits.

Episodes filmed:

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Paige Bradley’s sculpture “Expansion”…Lol, Dope YoGist-Fresh%…h7v®


Paige Bradley’s sculpture “Expansion”…Lol, Dope YoGist-Fresh%…h7v®

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